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Over 30,000 delegates expected at Africa Climate Summit

The assessment on the preparedness of the Africa Climate Summit is on its final stage.

Over 30,000 delegates drawn from different countries are expected to attend the summit scheduled to kick off from 4th to 6th of September 2023.

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The inaugural Africa Climate Summit is organized by the African Union Commission in collaboration with Kenya as the host country.

The Summit provides an opportunity for African Leaders to deliberate on a pertinent issues that range from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, climate finance solutions and calling on every stakeholder to take responsibility and adhere to their commitments.

African countries have been urged to honor their commitments to the campaign. In the spirit of implementing recommendations made in the previous summit, the Pan African Parliament says it has kicked off the process of developing a model law on climate change.

They also called for the amplification of voices of the vulnerable who are most affected by climate change. Key on the agenda is the call for climate justice and equity. They renewed calls on big emitters of greenhouse gases to take responsibility for their actions.

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