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Over 700 pupils to benefit from TechLit Africa new ICT labs

Over 700 Pupils from Amagoro Primary School will benefit from ICT labs constructed through a partnership with TechlitAfrica.

The labs will help promote digital literacy and also boost the CBC (Competency-Based Curriculum) implementation.

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Speaking to parents during the commissioning of the lab, Sheran Amai Oradu of Oradu Foundation said the implementation this technology literacy computer lab was made possible by Techlit Africa in collaboration with Oradu Foundation and the Amagoro School Alumnae.

“In effort to ensure our society is connected to the global opportunity in different sectors, TechLit Africa provided 28 macbook laptops for the lab as well as the curriculum for training,” noted Oradu

The lab which has been operational for two terms has equipped learners with programming skills in coding, python and excels skills.

“In bid to drive sustainability, we would like the parents to come along and pay a fee of ksh 200 per term per student toward the 50,000 per month that is needed to run the lab. This fee is paid directly to TechLit Africa, and it goes toward curriculum development, a teacher, and maintenance of the computers,” she added.

The CSO (Curriculum Support Officer) Elizabeth Oloo and County Quality and Standards Officer Patrick Mwangi urged the community and school management to ensure safety of the equipment to avoid cases of theft that have been on the rise in Teso North Sub-County.

Techlit Africa operates in 28 countries and in Kenya so far Baringo and Busia are the first beneficiaries of the program.

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