Panic as Nyali residents spot crocodiles roaming freely

Residents of Nyali in Mombasa tourist resort city are living in fear after several crocodiles were spotted outside various residential houses.

People living within Nyali near Mamba village which is an orphanage to the reptiles are staying indoors in fear of encountering the deadly reptiles.

The crocodiles are believed to have escaped from Mamba Village, which is located right next to the highly populated area.

This animal sanctuary is the largest crocodile farm in Sub-Saharan Africa and hosts over 10,000 of the carnivorous reptiles.

This has been the situation for the last two weeks, since the crocodiles from Mamba Village, owned by former Nyali MP Hezron Awiti, invaded the area.

During an interview, Ali Safari a manager of the facility acknowledged that some crocodiles have recently been escaping from their ponds, adding that it was because some ponds were being renovated.

He said only one crocodile had escaped and they alerted KWS officers who helped in taking the reptile back to the sanctuary.

Unhappy residents took to social media to express their fears



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