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Parliament invites public views on World Coin

The National Assembly has invited Kenyans to air their views on World Coin, an American cryptocurrency firm.

Through a notice, the joint Ad-Hoc Committee investigating activities and operations of World Coin on Thursday invited members of the public to submit memoranda on nine specific terms of reference.

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According to the Committee, the terms of reference include; to inquire into the operations and ultimate objectives of World Coin, the legal and regulatory compliance of the firm and its agents in the country, investigate if due diligence was undertaken before it started operations in the country and the safety of data collected.

The Committee has also asked Kenyans to submit their memoranda on the inquiry into the organizational structure and activities, source of money, whether citizens were exposed to any health hazards.

The Ad-Hoc Committee has asked Kenyans to submit any other relevant issue they may wish to draw the attention of the Committee.

The Committee was established on August 15th vide the Speaker’s Communication to among other things, inquire into the activities and operations of the cryptocurrency firm.

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