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Pastor Dorcas encourages mentorship of young men

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi (centre) at the Redeemed Gospel Church in Huruma where the new Presiding Bishop John Bankosky Kitonga was consecrated together with the General Secretary and 12 Regional Bishops. Photo/OSDP

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has reiterated the need for the church in Kenya to take a leading role in mentoring young men to rise to positions of leadership.

Pastor Dorcas said this during the ‘Installation and Consecration Service of the Incoming Presiding Bishop, General Secretary and 12 Presiding Bishops of the Redeemed Gospel Church held at the Redeemed Gospel Church, Huruma, Nairobi.

The new Bishop John Bankosky Kitonga took up the top leadership of the church from Bishop Dr. Kepha Omae. The consecration service was led by Archbishop Arthur Kitonga who founded the church in the 1960s.

Pastor Dorcas lauded the church on embracing smooth transition of power in its actions noting succession management ought to leave no trails of tussle and disagreements when it takes place.

“It is a great honour to witness succession management in the church, and the passing on of the mantles of leadership,” said Pastor Dorcas.

Pastor Dorcas, who is the champion of the boy child advocates for strong relationships between fathers and sons for mentorship, coaching and to advocate against alcohol, drugs and substance abuse.

“My office is engaged in the fight against drugs and alcoholism to safeguard the next generation. Beer and wine has destroyed families, communities and it is destroying the nation,” said Pastor Dorcas.

The new leadership includes Bishop Joshua Matheka (General Secretary), Bishop Brown Chavaseki (Nairobi South), Bishop Benedict Mutua (Nairobi North), Bishop Dr. Thomas Ndetto (Machakos), Bishop Dr. Peter Nzile (Kitui), Bishop John Gathuma (Central-Mount), Bishop Linus Murithi (Mount Kenya South), Bishop Anderson Mwiti (Mount Kenya North), Bishop John Kariuki (Central Rift), Bishop Joseph Maweu (South Coast), Bishop Yusuf Mangi (North Coast), Bishop Aggrey Ijeji (Western), Bishop Samwel Avoga (Families).

Present were church leaders from across denominations in Kenya, Africa and the globe. They included Bishop Dr. William Tuimising, Bishop Harrison Nganga, Bishop Dr. Mophat Kilioba, and Rev. Judy Mbugua among others.

Archbishop Kitonga also advised the consecrated ministers to also make time for their families, even as they work in the church.

Bishop Tuimising advised the new church leaders to give themselves to study and learning. “You need to develop your mind. The mind is the headquarter of human existence, and when you stop learning you start dying,” said Bishop Tuimising.

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