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Pastor Dorcas launches two-day medical camp in Kilifi

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi in conversation with Ganze MP Kenneth Charo during the free medical camp at Mbudzi health centre in Ganze constituency, Kilifi County

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi on Wednesday launched a two-day medical camp at Mbudzi Health Centre in Jaribuni Ward, Ganze Constituency in Kilifi County.

The medical camp that mainly targeted the men in the region attracted hundreds of women and their children for medical checkups, and screening for addictions.

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Pastor Dorcas Rigathi expressed concern of the low number of men in the region, and even asked those who are widows to raise their hands.

She was shocked by the high number of widows, depicting the high rate of death of men in comparison to the women.

“Normally widows are 62 years and above, but looking at you, widows are 20, 30, and 40 years old. This pattern needs serious intervention including prayers,” said Pastor Dorcas.

Pastor Dorcas noted that men were mostly dying from alcohol, drug, and substance abuse, others were in prison following cases of defilement, others hospitalized following broken bones after being involved in accidents, and others died because of different reasons.

“I beg you to stop consuming these addictive substances because they result to increased cases of rape, defilement, early pregnancies, imprisonment, and unproductive populations,” she said.

Also in the Coast region, families are highly polygamous noting that most are the Muslim faithful who are allowed by their religion to marry four wives.

Pastor Dorcas was accompanied by Kilifi First Lady Susan Mung’aro, Ganze MP Kenneth Charo, DCC Pamela Kiama, and Jaribuni Ward MCA Peter Shehe among other leaders from the faith-based organisations, and national administration.

First Lady, Ms Mung’aro said they would join hands with Pastor Dorcas in bringing health closer to the people.

“Health checkups are important for the health of the people, and early detection can assist in getting treatment. Do not go to witch doctors, because by the time yo seek modern medicine treatment, it is sometimes too late,” said FL Mungaro.

Area MP Kenneth Charo appreciated the government’s initiatives towards uplifting the lives of the people.

He, however, decried the lack of a facility to take care of those with disability, saying that Ganze did not have a physical structure for those with special needs, that was equipped with the needed equipment and human resource.

DCC Pamela Kiama said the men in the region were fond of chewing miraa and drinking mnazi. She added that mnazi was not classified as an alcoholic drink but men were taking advantage of this gap and taking the drink too early in the day.

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