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Pastor Dorcas Rigathi: Adopt ideas, intellectual property as collateral for youth


The spouse of the Deputy President, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, called for a change of tact in the kind of collateral requested as a security measure among the youth in Africa noting their lack of hard assets.

Speaking on the second day of the 6th Youth Connekt Summit 2023 held at the KICC in Nairobi, that attracted young people from across the continent, Pastor Dorcas, who is a former banker said the youth had many ideas, and this intellectual property when well harnessed could be used as collateral for their advancement.

Pastor Dorcas challenged African leaders, who included Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, and thought leaders who had gathered for the summit to think of new ways of plugging in intellectual property as a form of collateral for the youth.

“I urge the governments of Africa to look at the intellectual property of the youth as a form of collateral, because the youth have lots of ideas,” said Pastor Dorcas.

Pastor Dorcas said the summit was a great idea that showed the willingness of the older generation to pass on the vision of Africa to the youth.

“When fathers speak to their children, it is a demonstration of a willingness of proper succession management for our children to have the vision for Africa. And I also urge you to continue and have the vision for Africa,” said Pastor Dorcas.

She, however, cautioned against the younger generation from deviating from the moral, ethical, and family values that have held intact the fabric of the continent for decades.

She affirmed that the youth of Africa were innovative and creative and had what it takes to impact the world. “Every structure and system of this borderless world is today driven by ideas, and intellectual property,” said Pastor Dorcas.

She, however, pitched her local agenda on this continental summit – calling a “sober Africa” free of alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse.

We must get out of drugs and substance abuse so the youth can have great vision and ideas. Many of you have died, and we don’t want you to die on us because you are the future. You are the mothers, and fathers of Africa,” said Pastor Dorcas.

“If we can be able to harness that integrity, morality, ethics, and more so family ethics and values, I believe we shall have a great future,” she added.

“Youth Connekt Africa is a summit that the African Union has designated and officially acknowledged as a platform our great African where the youth of Africa can converge and dream, and they envision the Africa they desire and the Africa we all deserve.”

The theme for the 6th Summit is ‘Youth Innovating a Borderless African Renaissance.’

“Our youth from Arica, take your rightful place in this continent. Take leadership in all spheres of influence in this continent and lead in business, sports, creative economy and political management of your respective countries. You have what it takes. You are the people we need to put Africa on the world map,” said DP Rigathi.

The Africa that glorified its problems and sought for solutions externally; that Africa is fading away. We are in a new process of creating a new Africa founded on the rock-solid belief in our capacity that is driven by our relentless pursuit of progress and obliterate the challenges we all face,” said President Ruto.

“This is a wireless, borderless and relentless generation,” the President added.

He said that the only thing that mattered was the creation of opportunities, and the youth were at the centre of this conservation. The President affirmed that he believed that Africa was changing through hard work. He told the youth to pursue prosperity and play a leading role in the transformation of Africa.

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