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Dorcas Rigathi establishes first health village in Nyeri County

The first health village by Pastor Dorcas Rigathi is taking shape in Ngorano in Nyeri County.

The Health Village will involve a rehabilitation Centre, a health facility, a TVET training centre and agribusiness opportunities for the youths.

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The first cohort of rehabilitation under her program is already at the facility after completing a 3-months rehabilitation program in Timau, Meru County.

Speaking when she toured the facility Pastor Dorcas said the facility will help reshape the lives of the young men who had been hooked on drugs and substance abuse.

“When you leave here what I want to see are stable families. I want to see you prosper and have a better living and economically empowered,” she told the young men.

In July this year Pastor Dorcas Rigathi toured Israel to benchmark on the best practices on the health village concept that has been successful in Israel. During her tour Pastor Dorcas visited 5-Health villages that have been rehabilitating the youth in Israel.

Under such a program Pastor Dorcas is also working on placing the young men in job opportunities both locally and internationally. Pastor Dorcas called on the youth to change their mindset in the rehabilitation process as she seeks to rehabilitate 12,000 youth across the country.

“You are the ambassadors of my work, and I want you to change your mindset, those seeking job placements are working towards that, those who want to go back to school will also work on that,” she said.

In the village the youth are already engaged in construction activities as well as skilling through vocational training.

Pastor Dorcas has been touring many vocational training facilities that have been abandoned to assess their status with a plan to revive many of them for the benefit of the youths.

She has also been at the forefront in calling on the youth to embrace technical and vocational training which she says will help them in self-employment and job creation.


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