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Pastor Dorcas: War against drugs must be fought by everybody

Spouse of the Deputy President Pastor Dorcas Rigathi shared her passion for the boy child program, and their rehabilitation off drugs and substance abuse in Italy.

During a visit to the Villa Maraini Foundation, the National Agency supported by the International Red Cross for pathological addictions, Pastor Dorcas shared her vision for revalidating the boys and men of Kenya and getting them off the streets.

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She was hosted by the Foundation’s Founder, Mr Massimmo Barra and Deputy Ambassador Connie Maina.

“The war against drug and drug addiction must be fought by everybody. Because, if teachers and clergy are able to get into that space, they are the ones who are always with the people. They (clergy: Muslim, Christian and Hindu) visit them in their homes, the children come to school, and they spend a lot of time with the people,” Pastor Dorcas said.

“We must put them into rehabs and get them onto a path of revalidating their dreams. And my ultimate goal is to have a rehab centre that will be able to accommodate them in areas of treatment, vocational training, a sports academy and agribusiness within the same premises. This way they will not go back to the frustrations in the streets and relapse back to the same situations and circumstances,” she added.

The Foundation in Italy offers services that include treatment and rehabilitation of drug, alcohol and other substance abuse including against gambling.

Pastor Dorcas days before also visited rehabilitation villages in Israel, where addicts undergo rehabilitation and treatment in the villages established in a homely atmosphere.

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