Pastoral communities access water for irrigation

Residents of Nkorikori in Narok West will now access safe drinking water following the construction of a dam in the area under the National Water Harvesting Program.

The dam is also expected to cater to over 12,000 herds of cattle as well as aid in irrigation.

Pastoral communities have bore the brunt of the long dry spell that has seen a number of them lose their livestock, while others are forced to travel long distances in search of water for both domestic use and for their animals.

Irrigation PS Zainabu Hussein says they are encouraging villagers to adopt alternative ways of income generation by providing them with green houses and seedlings.

The dam project will also cater to 12,000 herds of cattle and provide water for irrigation. 10,000 trees will be planted around the dam in a preservation drive.

The Government embarked on the ambitious program geared towards alleviating the adverse effects of prolonged dry spells.

The first phase targets 17 counties in arid and semi arid areas.


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