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Performance and Service Delivery PS Nduva challenges youth to take up Sports



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Principal Secretary for the State Department for Performance and Service Delivery Ms. Veronica Nduva has encouraged youth in Machakos County to take up sports as it helps in fostering unity among communities.

The PS who supports football initiatives in Machakos County  spoke at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos during a friendly football match between Machakos and Nairobi Media teams where Machakos beat Nairobi media 9-0.

Nduva urged the players to give their best in order to encourage and motivate younger players to excel in sports.

She asked sponsors, promoters and captains of the game to continue supporting sports and through their efforts, the young people will be able to explore more skills and unite others from different regions.

Principal Secretary for Youth Affairs, Arts and Sports Dr. Peter Tum said that plans are in top gear towards nurturing and monetizing talents. He lauded the media fraternity for coining the idea, adding that the Ministry of Sports is ready to support the activities.

Tum promised to liaise with the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President to ensure that Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos town is upgraded. He said sports enhances social cohesion which is vital among the youth and the government is willing to support players who are determined.

“Our offices are open for guidance, the Ministry also identifies, nurtures and monetizes talents,” said the PS.

Machakos Chief Executive Committee Member for Sports  Joseph Kilonzo said that Machakos County Government has done a lot to embrace sports and has produced 640 teams with each ward having 16 teams to improve skills among players.

He added that with the help from the National Government, the County will embrace every type of sport to give the youth a chance to showcase and grow their talents both locally and internationally.

He pointed out that other than football, his department is looking forward to starting volleyball games to ensure young people from the villages are given a chance to showcase their talents.

The CEC further stated that they will put more effort in order to get pathways of training and selections for young people so that they get the opportunity to play in bigger games and grow their skills.



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