Podcasters on SemaBOX rake in Kshs. 5.5M in earnings


Podcast incubation studio SemaBOX has announced earnings totaling Kshs. 5.5 million ($48,000) as creator network grew to more than 200 in the last 18 months.

SemaBOX Chief Executive Officer Dan Aceda has said the bulk of earnings came via brand partnerships directly with the creators as well as earnings on content platforms such as YouTube which supports audiovisual podcasts.

“SemaBOX was built by creators and for creators. And so a large part of the work we do at SemaBOX (after production) is the work we do to help creators earn revenue. We help to structure business models and revenue plans and de-risk our creators (through incubation) so we can put them on the path to reliable revenue,” said Aceda who is also the founder of the platform.

Podcasters on SemaBOX have also produced more than 500 episodes spanning hours of content which Aceda says represents a major step forward in the digital media economy.

According to Aceda, the creator network size and the volume of episodes that have come out of SemaBOX are a sign that the incubator is Africa’s largest podcasting hub.

“In the last year we have been very highly focused on building our creator network. In fact, of all the podcasts that have been launched here at SemaBOX 20% of them are now earning revenue. This is something we are very proud of and we will continue to invest in creators,” he added.

The Kenyan tech firm provides podcasting studio to creator enabling them to curate, produce, and distribute their content across the globe through podcasts and vlogs.

The firm says it has so far enabled creators reach 135 countries African oriented content.


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