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Dr. Chitayi Murabula: Mental Health is a National Disaster, it costs the economy.

The Covid 19 pandemic has shattered lives in very dramatic ways and many people are struggling to cope with the new realities.

There has been a rise in mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders, leading to domestic violence, substance abuse, and suicide

In 2020 The Task Force on Mental Health in Kenya recommended declaring mental health a national disaster and the Ministry of Health has unveiled the Kenya Mental health Action Plan 2021 – 2025.

Dr. Chitayi Murabula who is the President of Kenya Psychiatric Association tells the Big Conversation that the Government must commit resources to dealing with mental health because it has a direct impact on the productivity of the population
Dr. Murabula says that even the current rise in suicide cases in Kenya is a consequence of mental illness.
The World Population Review 2018 ranked Kenya at position 114 among the 175 countries with the highest suicide rates.

According to July 2021 police records, 483 Kenyans committed suicide in the last three months
“No conclusive survey has been done on mental health in Kenya,” says Dr Murabula, “We rely on police data based on those who have voluntarily reported suicide cases.”

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