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English Service: Hot new Kenyan action film premiers on mobile platform.

Melvin Alusa, actor Mission To Rescue movie.

The story is cantered on the struggles that Kenya Special Operations Forces underwent while attempting to rescue hostages abducted by the Al-Shabaab terror group.

The story is set in a military camp along the Kenya-Somalia border and stars some of the country’s best known film talent.

Melvin and Gilbert sharing light moments on the Big Conversation.

Mission To Rescue is directed by the renowned stage and film director Gilbert Lukalia AKA Gilly, who I am also delighted to welcome to the show.

Mission To Rescue Film Director, Gilbert Lukalia AKA Gilly.

Mission to rescue: the plot sounds thrilling, something we would normally watch in a Hollywood production, but this is made here in Kenya.

The movie whose hooting format is 4K UHD video resolution was launched on June 1, Madaraka Day.

Melvin: You can subscribe for as little as 10/- to access and watch Mission To Rescue movie by dialling blaze*544*55#.

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