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English Service: NARC Kenya Leader Martha Karua – Part 1

Hon. Martha Karua. Photo/Courtesy

The entire world is currently under the grip of the raging covid 19 virus whose cure or vaccine is yet to be found. With tens of thousands dead and millions infected there is a real fear that weak health systems such as ours could be overrun by this pandemic.

So how can we ensure that as we protect ourselves from this virus we also  protect our health care system now and for years to come.

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua recently penned an open letter to president Uhuru Kenyatta giving her own suggestions on how the government can do that just that.

KBC Spotlight’s host Geoffrey Mungai spoke to the Hon. Karua about her letter to the president & her general views on  the impact that the virus has had on the country. 

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