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KBC English Service: Curbing the spread of Covid-19 at the Lakeside.

Austin Omondi, a Boda Boda operator at the former Kibuye Market in Kisumu

Sticking to the covid-19 protocols is the surest way of curbing the spread of Covid-19 in the lake region.

The Boda Boda oprators in Kisumu are important in breaking the chain in the spread of Covid-19.

Boda Boda oparators at a hand washing station in Wagai  Siaya Coun

The Boda Boda oparators in Wagai Siaya county came together to set hand washing stations across Boda Boda stages in Siaya county in a bid to curb the spread of  Covid-19 in the region.

Dr John Orimbo from Kenya Medical Research Institute, KEMRI

There is active community transmission in the lake region.

Kisumu County has ramped up testing hence more numbers in the Covid-19 caseload.

Research in the relationship between malaria and Covid-19 could also be a contributing factor in the spike of covid-19 cases in Kisumu and Siaya county.

Active surveillance (popularly known as contact tracing) is key in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

Dr Gregory Ganda – Acting Chief Officer of Health in Kisumu

Kisumu county is now doing much better in terms of testing.

The India variant (now baptized as the DELTA variant) is more infectious.

Boda Boda operators and commuters should practice self  discipline and adhere to covid-19 protocals.

Kisumu county has vaccinated over 30,000 people since the vaccination exercise war rolled out in the region.

Home based care has been largely successful in the region.

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