Police in Embu unearth illicit brew ring

Police in Embu have unearthed what they say is a major racket involving the sale of illicit brew disguised as legal beer.

Two women are in custody as police extend the dragnet to uncover the gangland operation where the illicit brewers are packing the toxic brew in bottles of legal brands before selling it to unsuspecting customers.

Deep inside the sleepy Nthagaiya village in Embu County lies the house whose owner is a certified distributor of a local beer brand.

However behind the walls is an illegal business that has been going on for some time.

The criminal only came to the fore after members of the public tipped security agents.

Embu east OCPD Peter Muchemi says that the owner of the premises has been packing illicit brews into bottles of renowned brands.

Six hundred liters of the illicit brew, twenty crates of the already packed illicit beer and fifty empty crates were confiscated during the operation.

The effects of his deeds are all too evident with some of the partakers of the concoction claiming to have experienced health complications.

Fake currency was also recovered at the house, perhaps an indication of the kind of business that the owner was engaging in.

Police called on members of the public to avoid illicit brews and alert police on those engaging in the brewing of brews.


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