Police kill attacker at DP home

The police have announced the killing of a yet unnamed attacker who yesterday invaded Deputy President William Ruto’s home in Sugoi, Uasin Gishu County, having refuted earlier reports of multiple gunmen involved in the incident.

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Wanyama Musiambo revealed that it was after the 18 hour long shootout that the police realised that only one attacker was involved.

“…he had accessibility to our guns…when you shoot with (a weapon of) one calibre and then shoot with another, anybody would assume that there are two or three people, that’s why he managed to keep us for this long.  But when we discovered his trick, we quickly put that off…” Musiambo said.

But a lot remains unknown about the attacker who engaged the police in an 18 hour long shootout which led to his death on Sunday, along with a GSU officer whom he’d allegedly held hostage.

Statements by some of the locals say that the attacker may have been a hawker at the nearby Jua Kali market, peddling ‘shoes, jackets and cheap perfume’, others were not so sure.

Late Saturday, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet stated that the attack was carried out by a lone attacker who allegedly overpowered the armed guard, injuring him with a machete and taking his firearm before forcing his way into the compound where he was cornered at a construction site in the expansive compound.

The guard was rushed to hospital and reports indicate that he is out of danger.

The attack is said to have happened shortly after midday after the Deputy President left for a campaign rallying Kitale, and lasted until nightfall, intermittent gunfire heard emanating from the compound all through the afternoon.

There appeared to be contradicting reports about the sequence of events and particularly the number attackers and the number of firearms borne by the attacker(s).

Mr. Boinnet stated that the lone attacker was armed with only one gun which he took from the GSU security guard. On the other hand, Mr. Musiambo had told the media that multiple guns were used in the attack, judging from the differences in the sound of the gunshots.

Musiambo believed that the attacker had raided the police armoury located in the compound, and that he used different weapons and fired from different positions.

“…the guns are were ours, ” he added.




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