Police offer reward for information on six suspected Al Shabaab militia

Police are offering two million shillings each for any information that could lead to the arrest of six suspected Al-Shabaab militia believed to have been planning an attack in the country.

The six, a lady and five men, include their commander Issack Alio, Abdiwhab Osman, Hareth Hillow, Kusow Yarrow and Mumina Erobe.

The bounty comes just a week after security officers foiled what is said could have been a devastating attack in Nairobi killing one suspected militia in Isiolo.

On the evening of 15th February, 2018,  Mbarak was among four other Al-Shabaab operatives who had a meeting in a Mitsubishi motor vehicle, registration number KBM 200D, hidden in a thicket at Mataarba area in Merti Sub-county within Isiolo County.

The operatives were discussing final plans for their intended attack in Nairobi. One of the officers present at the scene narrated: “It was around 4:30 in the afternoon while on a return journey from a security patrol at Yamicha when we spotted a vehicle packed at a thicket located at an intersection of a lagger and Isiolo-Merti-Wajir road. When we approached the vehicle to inspect its occupants, one came out of the vehicle shooting. We reacted swiftly and killed him on the spot”.

The six are said to have been recruited and trained by Sheikh Guyo who is in police custody over involvement in recruitment activities.

Issack Alio Mohamed Intallo aka Okolla is a Kenyan Somali based Al Shabaab operative who hails from Mandera County.

According to reports, Okolla who has been on the government’s watch list of the 35 Al Shabaab youth who had been recruited by ISIS to aid the Somali-based terror group in carrying out attacks in Kenya had been trained by Sheikh Guyo, the same trainer who trained slain Al-shaab militia Mbarak Abdi Huka, who was killed in  Merti in Isiolo.

Okolla is an Al Shabaab commander and IED expert who is behind a series of IED attacks in the Northern Kenya and the coastal region.

Among the recoveries from the vehicle following the shooting included: five AK 47 rifles; thirty six fully loaded magazines; one magazine with twenty two rounds and one empty magazine; thirty six unprimed hand grenades; eighteen Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs); three military knives; and a black Al-Shabaab flag – all destined for a major attack that was to be led by Mbarak in Nairobi.

The felled suspect

Mbarak was born on 22nd June 1991 at Mountain area, Saku constituency in Marsabit County.

He is a Borana by ethnicity from Karayu clan, Ajeji family and the last born in a family of four children.

The now-deceased operative schooled at Sakuu Primary School between 1999 and 2006.

He then proceeded to Marsabit Secondary School from 2007 to 2010 where he attained a grade of B-.

After completing secondary education, Mbarak went to teach at Taqwa Madrasa run by Sheikh Guyo Gosa.

It is at the Madrassa that he was radicalized and recuited by the Sheikh who then connected him to Hassan Jarso kotolla in Somalia who in turn facilitated his travel to join Al-Shabaab.

Prior to his travel to Somalia, Hassan Jarso was also a teacher at Taqwa Madrasa and a very close associate of Sheikh Guyo.

In April 2011, Mbarak lied to his family that he was travelling to join the Technical University of Mombasa; he instead travelled to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab under very close supervison of Sheikh Guyo in Kenya and Hassan Jarso in Somalia.

While, in Somalia the slained Al-Shabaab operative was trained as a foot soldier in Jilib and thereafter settled in Barawe.

He rose through the ranks to command his own sub-unit that would terrorize Kenyans in areas along the Kenya-Somalia border, especially within Lamu County.

Mbarak’s sub-unit was involved in the Lamu-Tana Delta attacks of June 2014 as well as the foiled attack on a KDF base at Baure in Lamu County in June 2015.

His death at the hands of Kenyan police officers while attempting his third major attack in the country has been highly celebrated as a major milestone in Kenyan counter-terrorism efforts.

His main targets have been security personnel and Safaricom masts in respective regions.

Police are calling on the public to be vigilant and report the whereabouts of the above mentioned to the nearest police station.

They released the names only barely a week after security agencies foiled what is said could have been a devastating attack in Nairobi.

Security officers recovered five AK 47 rifles; 36 fully loaded magazines; 36 unprimed hand grenades; 18 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs); three military knives; and a black Al-Shabaab flag – all destined for a major attack in Nairobi after killing one Mbarak Abdi Huka.


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