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Police officer guarding exams in Molo found drunk

The police officer has been arrested

A police officer guarding KCPE and KPSEA exam materials at Kimonio Primary School in Marioshoni was arrested on Tuesday after being found drunk while on duty.

The incident came to light when the school’s Center Manager, Elijah Biwott, noticed the absence of the assigned officer within the school compound. Concerned about the security of the ongoing examinations, Biwott promptly reported the matter.

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In response to this security lapse, the Molo Security team, accompanied by the Officer in Charge of the Marioshoni Police Station (OCS), swiftly arrived at the school premises. There, they discovered the officer in question, identified as Joshua Kimathi Milikau, asleep in the teachers’ quarters while exhibiting signs of intoxication.

Kimathi was immediately disarmed, and his duties were taken over by Richard Mburu to ensure the security of the English composition paper session during the exams.

It was revealed that Kimathi had left the examination center for a nearby township, where he reportedly consumed alcohol, leading to his state of drunkenness.

Further information indicated that a teacher, Joseph Onjonga, had directed the officer to the teachers’ quarters upon realizing that he was unfit to fulfill his security duties at that time.

The police officer was subsequently apprehended and taken to the Elburgon Police Station, where he was held pending disciplinary proceedings.

This unfortunate incident has raised concerns about the responsibility and conduct of officers assigned to safeguard the integrity and security of national examinations.

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