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Police rearrest prisoner who escaped Nakuru Level 5 Hospital


A convict serving a life sentence for defilement has been rearrested after escaping from custody at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Stanley Cheruiyot escaped while awaiting a corrective arm surgery at the hospital’s orthopedic ward.

“It remains unclear how Stanley Cheruiyot’s arm became so dislocated as to require urgent surgery at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital. However, following his escape, prison wardens investigating the matter aren’t ruling out the possibility that he may have manipulated his arm to free himself from the high walls,” the DCI stated.

The convict allegedly freed himself from the handcuffs restraining him to his hospital bed on Monday morning.

Cheruiyot was later apprehended at the Keepleft area of Molo in Nakuru County after members of the public spotted him with handcuffs tucked into his waist.

Upon arrest, a pair of inmates’ uniforms, a phone, and hospital records were recovered from his backpack.

He has since been returned to prison pending arraignment for the charge of escaping from lawful custody.

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