Police say SGR highly protected infrastructure

The National Police Service (NPS) says any person who commits any offence within the precincts of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) or inside the coaches will be interdicted and prosecuted.

The warning comes after one of the SGR passengers took to Facebook to share his experience about a theft incident he experienced.


“The National Police Service has noted a theft and recovery of stolen items incident shared in a Facebook group Wanderlust Diaries Ltd attributed to a username Ben Owili,” said the police.

On their twitter handle, the police say the victim cited that when travelling in an SGR train from Mombasa to Nairobi, one of his seat mates stole his wallet with undeclared amount of money when he dozed off along the journey.

The post triggered a conversation with everyone sharing their own experiences.

“Notably, we could pick two reported incidents of theft from the comments with outstanding feedback that the railway police they reported their cases to were able to arrest the suspects and recover the stolen items. The Standard Gauge Railway is a highly protected infrastructure with modern surveillance system, a pool of highly trained police officers and the indefatigable K-9 police team formerly, the Dog Unit,” added the police.

“It is self defeating for any passenger to imagine they can attempt the impossible by committing offences within the precints of the SGR or inside the coaches and go unnoticed,” they added.

NPS applauded the Commandant Railways and Ports for his unrelenting efforts that have continued to make SGR security system and its activities foolproof and safe.

They however they urged them to involve stakeholders in order to document and prefer tough conditions to offenders that should include banning them from using the train.


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