The National and County Governments have been urged to double their efforts to reach starving homesteads in drought hit counties to avert drought related human traffic cases. As the creeping disaster continue to affect the livelihood of most of Kajiado County residents they are said to becoming more vulnerable to human trafficking and other societal vices associated with drought. Most parts of Kajiado have so far not experienced the end of year short rains. Both livestock and wildlife mass deaths have been reported. The situation is dire and it has trickled down to school and churches. Sema Nami organization has raised an alarm over human trafficking in the border county saying women and girls are likely to fall in the trap of human traffickers. During the donation of relief food at Maili Tisa village in Kajiado Central sub-county, the organization sensitized the locals on dangers of human trafficking. They said young girls are being lured and sneaked out of the county illegally for domestic jobs in middle east The organization urges the two levels of government to supply more relief food to starving families and keep records of the locals, especially young girls. Local chief said in case the government does not move with speed most students will not sit for the end of the year exams. Churches have been urged to intervene to cushion the starving residents despite the cleric alarm most worshipers are shunning worshiping centers.

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