Political gatherings banned, curfew extended for 60 days

Political gatherings of any nature have been banned for 30 days effective midnight 12th March as the Country seeks to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has also extended the Nation wide curfew for 60 days while bars and restaurants will continue operating until 9pm.

The President has directed Government officials to enforce the ban on political gatherings as well as the curfew and conduct crackdowns on those who defies.

“To secure the implementation of the Order on political gatherings, public ceremonies, I, hereby further direct the National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) jointly with the National Police Service and County Governments Enforcements Officers to strictly enforce this Public Order regardless of the social and political status of the conveners of the political gatherings,” He said.

He further directed the Ministry of Health to enhance and enforce border health security especially on informal entry points saying the country remains at high risk of importation of new variants of COVID-19.

“What is worse is that the enemy has developed mutations. If we were dealing with one Variant of the virus in the last one year, a new strain has emerged in Britain, Brazil and South Africa. We do not know how it will spread; and the havoc it will wreck on our population,” He said.

The President however said essential service workers, factories and construction workers will be allowed to operate normal shifts with those working on night shift given the go ahead to work uninterrupted.


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