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Postal and courier services revenue grows to Ksh 7.7B

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Kenya’s postal and courier service sub-sector recorded a revenue growth of 8.4pc in twelve months to June 30th this year, official data shows.

According to latest data by the Communications Authority, the revenue from the sub-sector increased to Ksh 7.7 billion from Ksh 7.1 billion reported over the same period last year.

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The fourth quarter statistics by the authority indicates that year-on-year national postal revenue rose 10.4pc to Ksh 2.8 billion from Ksh 2.5 billion last year as international postal revenue rose to Ksh 4.9 billion from 4.6 billion, a 7.3pc increase.

Despite a 20pc decline in outgoing domestic letters in the fourth quarter of the year to June compared to the previous quarter to March 2023, year-on-year outgoing domestic letters grew 87.3pc to 2.1 million from 1.1 million.

“During the fourth quarter of FY 2022/23, the volume of domestic letters dropped to post 496,598 whereas the volume of domestic courier items grew by 14.9pc to post 1.2 million items,” CA said.

Similarly, outgoing domestic courier items sent grew 10.4pc to 4.7 million from 4.2 million sent last year while international outgoing letters grew 12.7pc to 1.8 million from 1.6 million.

The number of letters sent to recipients in the country also increased to 497,938 from 404,769, a 23pc rise year-on-year.
The postal and courier services sub-sector also suffered job cuts during the period under review as total number of employees dropped to 5,793 from 5,919.

“The number of employees in the Postal and Courier sub-sector was 5,793 as June 2023 with a male to female ratio of 67:33,” said the authority.


The job cuts mostly affected female employees whose numbers reduced to 1,921 by June 30, 2023 from 2,113 last year.

On the other hand, the number of male employees in the subsector increased from 3,806 to 3,872, the data shows.

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