Circumcision, a rite of passage into adult hood is considered vital in many African communities. When not done, those not circumcised are always taken as outcasts or even stigmatized. Poverty that has hit hard residents of Kang'a village, Laikipia West Constituency has made it difficult for them to perform this rite to their male children. The affected Kang'as are Kang'a ya Mùríithi,Kang'a ya Alice,Kang'a ya Mukindu,Kang'a ya Turkana, Kang'a ya  Robert and Kang'a ya Vietnam. While addressing the media, Mrs. Jane Njoki who is a resident of the area said that it is very sad for families living within the affected areas being unable to circumcise their children due to poverty. She said that many of the families cannot afford basic needs and this has resulted to some young men involving themselves in criminal activities in order for them to bring food on the table. Mrs. Njoki has now called the County Government as well as the National Government to offer some part of the forest surrounding the areas to affected families for them to cultivate crops to fight hunger since it is the main cause of problems facing residents of Kang'a village. She added that the residents are suffering from diseases related to poverty and depression since they feel like they have been neglected by the community at large. She further asked the county government to set up one hospital facility around the area specifically for circumcising all those who have reached the age from that area as a group. Damaris Nduta who has not been able to circumcise her 17-year-old son said that they're are undergoing through a lot of problems which for instance, her children decided to drop out of school due to lack of school fees and her 17yr son even due pressure from his colleagues from the fact that he hasn't undergone circumcision. Nduta reiterated that the County Government should give Kang'a residents’ first priority while giving out bursaries since the poverty level is very high in that village The residents also requesting for better facilities such as good roads, better health  facilities,water, good housing and schools in the area.

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