Solar and Wind powering Mageta Island

70% of the population in sub-saharan Africa doesn’t have access to electricity.

Africa is a vast continent and its size posses some challenges especially when it comes to transport and energy. Many remote areas in the continent have been without electricity due to access. One such place is Mageta Island on Lake Victoria. An hour an hour from the main land, grid power is a huge challenge.

StimaCo is powering the island by using two renewable sources of electricity; solar and wind. The solar generator system uses large solar PV panels that create direct current. The large generators turn this into alternating current for household use in the following way:  Wind powered generators harness the energy in air currents. The currents turn the propeller. The propeller turns a shaft.This shaft is connected to gear box that turns a second high speed shaft. The high speed shaft in turn spins a generator. The generator has magnets of opposite polarity which when span inside copper coils they produce electricity. “People are now able to operate their barber shops, light their houses and their music systems are working well.

Propellers harnessing wind


When it comes to systems like these, installed in remote areas affordability is key. StimaCo have found the perfect balance. The payments system offered by StimaCo  is simple,efficient and easy to use. It is simply done on via mobile phone.

Off grid power systems have their challenges, the biggest being distance. The fact that once installed the system has unlimited energy from nature has impressed the residents and it makes them proud.

People enjoying music powered by off-grid power

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