PPRA faults Mochache over irregular procurement of PPEs at KEMSA

PPRA faults Mochache for irregular procurement of PPEs at KEMSA

The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) has faulted Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache for the procurement irregularities at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA).

PPRA Director-General Maurice Juma while appearing before joint Senate Committees on Health and COVID-19 situation in Kenya, told members that Mochache through written correspondences directed the authority to procure COVID-19 items from specific suppliers.

In a letter addressed to KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari dated 15 April 2020, Mochache allegedly directed the authority to disregard any other requests placed for procurement and execute the instructions given in the contents of the letter.

“The PS not only directed the supply of items, but also the purchase from certain individuals,” Juma said.

The DG also sighted frustration in acquiring documentation from KEMSA procurement offices during the investigation.

“KEMSA has not availed their list of registered suppliers, in my view; we shall finalize the report, with or without their documentation,” the DG stated.

Manjari had earlier during the ongoing probe implicated PS Mochache in the alleged procurement mess at the agency.

“We got various requests from the Health CS, the PS and a member of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Board. The requests were in form of phone calls, text messages and even emails,” said the embattled Manjari.

According to Manjari, at some point, the Emergency Response team visited Kemsa and asked for specific items which they did not have at the time and asked them to tender.

Mochache has however denied any wrongdoing in the procurement of COVID-19 emergency supplies throwing the ball back to KEMSA saying they procured beyond their set budget, bypassed the ministry and sought over Ksh 5 billion from Treasury. 

PPRA launched investigations into procurement at KEMSA following a directive by the committee


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