Practice aquaculture and beat competition, Fishermen told

By Ronald Owili

Fishermen in Migori County are being advised to practice modern aquaculture or lose their market to foreign importation of fish especially from China that has flooded the local market.

While addressing fishermen in Sori, Governor Okoth Obado said this will help those whose livelihoods depend on fishing as the main economic activity.

The county government has also bought three speedboats to help curb the malpractice.

Speaking when he toured Sori and Muhuru Bay Governor Obado urged farmers to embrace modern fishing practices such as aquaculture.

The County also issued three petrol motorboats to the beach Management Unit officials at Sori, Muhuru Bay and Got Kachacha beaches for the purpose of monitoring fishing activities in Lake Victoria.

This is to prevent overfishing which continues to deplete fish population as demand for consumption surges.

News of fish imported from China being sold in large quantity, in the lake region where fishing is the major economic activity has got many on edge.

However, as a member of the World Trade Organization, Kenya cannot ban fish importation.

Experts have argued that to protect local industry, the country can impose the anti-dumping rule when imported fish is sold locally at cheaper prices.

Heavy investment has also been advised such as building of cold storage facilities to cut down on loses and value to the catch.


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