Preserving culture | Counties to digitize cultural information

The National Museums of Kenya began digitising in 2018.

Report by Teresa Mutahi / Blurb By Nzula.

As part of the government’s efforts, through the National Museums of Kenya, to digitize indigenous knowledge from communities across the country, officials from 13 counties have been trained to ensure that the information is preserved for future generations.

During an event held in Kakamega on Monday, Dr Evans Taracha, the Chief Researcher at the National Museum of Kenya (NMK), said “This project is in line with the Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions Act of 2016 where the national government intends to record, store, and document the culture digitally.”

Chief officer for Culture Brenda Barasa of Kakamega County said the government has already pumped KSh5 million into the ongoing renovation of the Cayega Art gallery in Shinyalu constituency while the rest will go into the operationalization of the facility.
“The ongoing campaign will also help us boost tourism. The basis or the backbone of tourism is the culture, the traditional cultures, the traditional background and the heritage of our community,” Mrs Barasa said.
 Nabongo Wanga II, King of the Wanga Kingdom who was also in attendance at the event applauded the move and urged the government to engage the communities in the activity.
Teresa Mutahi



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