President Kenyatta says gov’t most inclusive

PSCU/Christine Muchira
President Uhuru Kenyatta has said the Jubilee Government has served all Kenyans equally and is promoting diversity in its leadership.
The President said the transformational agenda of his Administration is serving the interest of the whole country, aims at expanding prosperity to all, and called on Kenyans to back the re-election of his administration.
The President said the Jubilee Government will continue reinforcing the foundations it has laid in the last four years to lift the lives of all Kenyans without discrimination.
“Ours is a government of unity for all Kenyans and that is why its composition is so diverse,” said the President who was accompanied by National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, the first Mbeere to hold such a senior position.
The President said the Jubilee Government will continue working for the unity and prosperity of all Kenyans despite attempts by leading opposition figures to divide citizens.
“I can allow my competitor to say anything he wants but I will not allow him to continue inciting Kenyans against each other. It is wrong for him to stand in front of Kenyans and say some people should leave where they call home,” said the President.
He described opposition figures competing with him as a group of individuals interested in their own self-preservation and who promote ethnic divisions.
“Our focus is to build on the foundation we have laid in the last four and a half years and to continue spreading the benefits of development and ensure all Kenyans benefit,” President Kenyatta said.
The President spoke on Thursday in Embu County where he asked residents to ensure that no single voter will miss to participate in the coming polls.
He said in the last four and a half years, his administration has implemented projects in all the 47 counties ranging from health, roads, energy, education, water and other key sectors that have brought relief to people.
In Embu County, the Jubilee Administration has over the last four years invested Kshs 1.14 billion to provide modern medical equipment to Embu Level 5 Hospital and Ishiara Level 4 Hospital through the Managed Equipment Services (MES) project. This has ensured that residents have access to specialised health care that was previously out of their reach.
Under the MES project, Embu Level 5 Hospital and Ishiara Level 4 Hospital received theatre, sterilization and surgical sets, imaging and radiology equipment at a cost of Kshs 760 and Kshs 380 million respectively.
The Government has also invested Kshs 7.8 billion to improve the road network in Embu, a move that has boosted transportation in the county.
The President who was accompanied by his deputy William Ruto said the road from Karaba to Makutano will be tarmacked soon and funds have already been set for the project.
He also announced that the Government will send a team from the Ministry of Lands to Mbeere South so that they can start the process of issuing of land adjudication preceding the issuing of title deeds to residents.
The President urged residents to remain united and called on local leaders to work together to make the adjudication process easy.
“Forget about your political differences and work together to ensure the process is completed within the next three months. I do not want to hear about tribes and clans in this process,” said the President.
The President said the construction of Thiba Dam, one of three dams to be constructed in the area, will also benefit the people of Mbeere South as it will have the capacity to supply water for irrigation to both Kirinyaga and parts of Embu County.
President Kenyatta pointed out that his Government has also prioritized the interest of special groups of Kenyans especially the youth, women and the elderly.
The Jubilee manifesto launched on Monday lays out a solid plan to improve the welfare of the youth.
In the Manifesto, Jubilee promises to establish a Youth Development Council that will coordinate all youth related activities and facilitate the necessary training, skills building and mentoring to link young people with emerging job opportunities.
President Kenyatta’s Government has also promised that within the next five years every young person seeking employment will be identified through a continuous ward, constituency and county level registration process through the Ajira platform.
Other steps highlighted by the Jubilee Manifesto to benefit the youth include ensuring more opportunities for employment by transforming the National Youth Service to implement commercial projects in Kenya and abroad.
-Expanding the participation of young people in national development and guarantee that 30% of all appointments, projects and budgets specifically target them.
-Linking training and skills building to jobs, we will attach every youth registered through the Ajira Platform, to a specific public project such as the building of roads and housing, irrigation, water infrastructure and electrification projects.
-Encouraging organisations to take on board interns by expanding the tax incentive framework.
-Preparing highly talented young people to work in the Public Service by introducing a Young Professionals Management Programme.
-Establishing the Biashara Bank by merging the Micro and Small Enterprise Authority, the Youth Enterprises Development Fund, the Women Enterprises Fund and the Uwezo Fund to provide coordination in the delivery of affordable financing and support for business development.
-Providing structured support to the creative sectors, which have high potential for youth employment including film music and fashion and bring them into the mainstream economy.
-Scaling up the “Studio Mashinani” and “Talent pia ni Kazi” where young people can affordably record and expose their creative talent to the market as we harness their talent to create new jobs.
President Kenyatta, accompanied by the Deputy President William Ruto and a host of Jubilee leaders, drove by road from Karaba to Siakago.
He was scheduled to visit Ishiara, Runyenjes, Manyatta and wrap up the tour in Embu town.

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