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President Ruto condemns ouster of democratically elected governments

President William Ruto weighed into the political power struggles in Niger that led to the overthrow of President Mohamed Bazoum last month.

The forceful takeover of power by the coup leaders, according to President Ruto should be condemned by all and sundry.

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“We support ECOWAS and the interventions that they are putting in place to make sure that we avoid and resist the slide into military dictatorships and unconstitutional removal of governments,” President William Ruto

He wants urgent steps taken to ensure the democratically elected government in Niger and other parts of the continent are restored and protected in accordance with the law.

“Whatever means necessary that should be used to make sure that these democratic processes are sustained, maintained, and protected should be brought to bear to stop those who want to use the barrel of the gun to run the affairs of countries,” said Ruto

The head of state, who is in Mozambique on official visit, reiterates that Africa ought to denounce acts that encourage lawlessness which undermine the will of the majority of the people as demonstrated through elections.

“Africa is a democratic continent and we believe that Africa has sufficient democratic credentials to be able to manage the affairs of our countries with the legitimacy that comes from the people in democratic elections,” stated Ruto

He also regretted the situation in Sudan where conflict rages on and a large number of civilians have been forced to flee the country.

“The conflict in Sudan is completely senseless and unnecessary. The kind of destruction of life, property and infrastructure (in Sudan) is not justified in any way. The sooner that conflict comes to an end the better,” he said

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