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President Ruto fires warning shot to corrupt leaders over graft

President William Ruto has declared war on graft warning those involved in corruption their days are numbered.

Speaking in Kericho during celebrations to mark this year’s Mashujaa day, Ruto said the country will soon witness unparalleled quest to slay the ghost of corruption.

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“I have already announced that we will not entertain corruption in the country. Those who will dare will have limited options,” warned the President.

In his toughest warning yet, the president said the country will soon see the results of the resolve when heads will start rolling saying those involved in pilferage of public resources will have to deal with the consequences of their deeds.

“I want to promise you that I will jealously protect government’s money that you have toiled to raise through taxes and it will be prudently used. The monies will be guarded, the corrupt will not be allowed to steal.” Said the President.

This even as he assured that his administration remains ready to support hardworking Kenyans realize their aspirations.

“I want to guarantee every citizen of the republic of Kenya that we will hold your hand as you make your contributions in whatever you are doing.  In a small way, a big way, as a casual worker, as a permanent and pensionable worker, as a worker on contract, as a person waking up early and sleeping late in driving the wheels of our economy, in pushing the destiny of our country in the right direction that you have the support of the government of Kenya. We are going to work together to build a more united, democratic and indivisible Kenya.” He assured.

In a move aimed at uniting the country, the president said his administration will serve every Kenyan despite their diverse political views.

“I want to reiterate that our intention is to unite all Kenyans and hereby assure everyone across all communities, counties and all corners of the country and promise that the government will not discriminate against any community based on tribe, religion or political inclination.” Pledged the President.




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