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President Ruto urges KDF cadets to adopt smart solutions in combating threats


President William Ruto has called on the new Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) cadets to seek smarter ways of combating current and emerging threats which pose risks to Kenya’s economic development.

While commissioning new military cadets at the Kenya Military Academy in Lanet, Nakuru County, the President said Kenya in particular is facing various threats including terrorism, transnational organised crime, cyber security threats, the security related impacts of climate change, banditry and cattle rustling which will require a shift in thinking to address them.

“The multiplicity, magnitude and dynamism of security challenges in today’s globalised and interconnected world demands a robust strategic mind-set capable of constantly keeping risks at bay through innovative and proactive approaches,” said the President.

In particular he pointed out cattle rustling which has led to loss of life and property and perpetuated cycles of poverty, conflicts and instability in the north rift region.

According to the President, dealing with the current and emerging threats will require creative approaches which focus on root causes, leverage technology, foster community engagements and implement targeted interventions.

“Your ability to innovate and adapt will become increasingly critical in safeguarding our national security,” he noted.

The first cohort were cadets who joined the academy this year and who have undergone a three year training programme at the Kenyatta University and have graduated with Bachelors of Security Management and Policing Duties.

The new cadets are the last cohort to graduate with degrees from KU following the acquisition of a university charter by the National Defence University which now be providing the courses to KDF.

The second cohort were Specialists and Special Duty Officers who have undergone a six months training exercise at the academy.

Among those commissioned today are also military cadets from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Mozambique and Sierra Leon.

“More importantly, I am confident that the friendship established amongst yourselves will contribute to strengthening our bilateral ties an accelerating pan-African unity and integration. This will ensure the continent responds to present, emerging regional and global security challenges,” added President Ruto.

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