President Uhuru Kenyatta remains honest in war on graft

Written By: Tairus Ngahu

The writer is the immediate former MP for Kiharu.

One of the most instrumental and well-known episodes in the Bible was when people were testing Jesus on whether to stone a woman accused of adultery.

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As it is written in the Book of John 8:7, Jesus straightened himself, looked them in the eye and said, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.”

This is a great lesson for us Christians as we look to assign fault and sin with others without looking deeply at our own faults.

Too many of us are ready to investigate the actions of all around us while readily ignoring our own actions.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has been at the forefront in the fight against corruption, and wastage in Government.

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He ordered that every civil servant must undergo a lifestyle audit  and readily accepted to undergo one himself.

He has not demanded anything of others that he himself is not willing to endure.

In a recent tough interview with BBC Hard Talk’s Zeinab Badawi, President Kenyatta went surprisingly even further.

“We can even go back to my grandfather, great grandfather. . .  What we own, and what we have is known to the public. If there is an instance where someone can say what we have done is not legitimate, say it, and we are ready to face any court,” the president said.

President Kenyatta has laid himself bare in a show of commitment and dedication in slaying the corrutpion dragon in the Country.

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In today’s era of super scrutiny, this is an extremely bold and welcome move.

ODM leader Raila Odinga has also supported President Kenyatta’s stand in the war on corruption and how it should be waged.

“Just like Uhuru recently stated that he is ready to have his grandfather’s wealth audited, I also ask them to audit me, my father and even my grandfather,” Raila said at the Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground in Kisumu.

This means that thanks to President Kenyatta’s lead, we have the two leading sons of the independence generation opening up about their family’s wealth for scrutiny.

These efforts should sow confidence in the average Kenyan who wants to see the fight against corruption waged as aggressively as possible.

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The fact that the President and Raila are ready to open on their financial backgrounds to the auditors sends a vital message. These two leaders are leading the fight against corruption and they are not just talking the talk, but also, walking the walk.

They are not just looking for signs of sins and crimes in others, they are also seeking it among themselves and their family members. When President Kenyatta says that nobody is above the law, he means it.

In President Kenyatta, Kenya has a leader who wants to leave a legacy by leading through example.

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