President Uhuru Kenyatta roots for youth mentorship

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on successful Kenyans to mentor the youth as a way of instilling in them life skills and values needed to overcome some of the challenges facing the youngsters including corruption.

The President said that young people need to be made to appreciate the importance of virtues such as persistence, honesty and hard work as the foundation of success.

While cautioning the youth against the lure of quick riches, the President said Kenyans can prosper and gain wealth through hardwork.

“We need role models that will show our young people that easy money, yes it is easy but quick to go but the sweat of our brawn is hard to get but it stays longer and gives dignity to those who are engaged,” said President Kenyatta.

The President spoke Thursday evening when he officially inaugurated the Eye of Kenya at the Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi.

The Eye of Kenya is Africa’s tallest ferris wheel which is 60 meters high having 40 rotating capsules, each able to hold six passengers.

President Kenyatta accompanied by other dignitaries inaugurated the wheel by taking a ride on it.

“You can work hard and make money, you don’t have to steal from your brothers and sisters. You can actually work hard and make money and do great things,” the President advised.

The President commended the chairman of Centum Investments Dr. Chris Kirubi for his persistence noting that despite his health challenges, the Kenyan entrepreneur has continued to create employment opportunities for the Kenyan youth.

“You have come back stronger, firmer and we are here doing something new. You are the epitome of what we want to propel our country farther,” the President told Dr. Kirubi.

He said the new investment demonstrates that there are still more opportunities in the country which can be harnessed to create jobs for Kenyans.

“You have shown that it is possible to work hard, it is possible to create, it is possible to think outside the box and do what others think may not be normal and create wealth not just for oneself but for the whole country, while creating opportunities for our young people,” said the President.

The Head of State said Kenya has a vibrant and talented youth population as demonstrated by the way international and global companies rush to Kenya to acquire new technological applications.

The President assured all investors and entrepreneurs of the government’s support in growing and safeguarding their investments.

Dr. Kirubi said his company will continue seeking partnerships with other entrepreneurs with the aim of creating more opportunities for Kenyans.

He commended President Kenyatta for his support, saying Kenyans of goodwill are fully behind his efforts to rid the country of corrupt individuals.


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