President Uhuru, Raila call for unity in rare meeting

President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga have agreed to work together to unite Kenyans and end the differences that threatens to divide the Country.

In a rare show of solidarity, NASA leader Raila Odinga was at Harambee House Friday morning where he held a meeting with the President to deliberate on ways to heal the Country after the contentious 2017 general elections.

The two would later emerge from the meeting to address Kenyans with Raila who was the first to speak saying time has come for leaders to engage and unite the Country.

Uhuru on the other hand said they will from now on start the process of uniting the Country and called on Kenyans to support the partnership.

Uhuru said “we have had an opportunity for an extensive discussion on matters Kenya and We have come to a common understanding, an understanding that this country of Kenya is greater than any one individual.”

He said time is ripe for a more candid conversation on what ails the Country saying we want a United, harmonious nation where no individual feels left out.

“For this country to come together, leaders must come together. Leaders must be able to discuss their differences, leaders must be able to discuss freely and openly what ails our country, what is the reason and the cause for the ethnic divisions and frictions that we see across the country that sometimes lead to inter-communal conflicts. As we have seen in various parts of our country, as we have seen up in Wajir, as we have seen on the borders of West Pokot and Marakwet and many other places.”

Uhuru was clear that the occasion marks a new beginning for our Country, one which we will match together as Kenyans

He said “we have a responsibility as leaders to be able to come together to discuss these issues and to find solutions. Solutions that will bind our people together; that will unify our country, and that will give us a life cycle that is beyond the five years that we have established for ourselves.”

The President urged leaders to talk regardless of their political affiliations saying “elections come and go but Kenya remains; so as we plan ourselves for the future, our future cannot be dictated by the forthcoming elections. Our future must be dictated by the prosperity, stability of our nation and the well-being of our people.”

Uhuru said, as leaders the ball is in our court and as they hold these discussions, they will as well have to give solutions.

“We have come to an understanding that this nation is bigger than an individual, this is why I and my brother (Raila) have agreed that starting today, we will begin a process of bringing our people together.

So to me, this marks a new beginning for our country, a beginning in which we hope that we shall march together as Kenyans and that we can differ in terms of political alignments but always remain steadfast and united in matters Kenya.

Raila on the other hand was categorical that the division that has been there since independence must come to an end. He said they must set an example saying “my brother and myself have therefore come here today to say this dissent ends here”

He said they will unite Kenyans so that we can walk together, calling for on Kenyans to self reflect and make wise decisions.

The NASA leader said the continued disharmony will ruin the nation saying if we don’t address it we shall capsize.

“We seek your partnership fellow Kenyans, we must come together to scoop out the water that has been seeping into our ship or we will capsize”

Raila said while these differences were entrenched in the third generation, the President and him have agreed they must partner to save our children from ourselves.


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