President Uhuru rallies Mt Kenya region to shun divisive politics

President Uhuru Kenyatta has rallied Mt Kenya region to remain united saying the 9th August election shouldn’t be used to divide them.

Speaking during a live interview with Kikuyu vernacular stations among them Coro fm, President Uhuru said those claiming that his support for Azimio la Umoja candidate Raila Odinga is a ploy to remain in power are misinformed saying he is not interested in the same.

President Uhuru who spoke in his native Kikuyu dialect said, “Some accused me of wanting to hold on to power when I endorsed Raila. They lied to you, so that you can hate a person, our people have been lied to and forgot what would benefit them.”

He implored on the Mt Kenya region to remain united and shun leaders who are sowing seeds of disunity saying it’s unfortunate that some people have already embraced the negativity.

“I hope they will hear us and do the right thing. I wish they could open their eyes and vote with integrity, elect people who can help them going forward,”

He said his only regret during the ten-year term is the failure to pass the BBI saying he hopes to work the incoming Government to pursue the same again.

“I wish I had implemented BBI, so that we could ensure resources are distributed in accordance with the population, I hope to work with people in future to implement the same,” He said.

President Uhuru further expressed his regret on the current situation in the Country saying he had hoped that the Handshake would bring more peace in the Country.

The President said he was happy that campaigns have come to an end without any incident of violence and called on politicians to continue with the same during elections.

He said his government has done more than any other Government in delivery of services singling out electricity connectivity, the road network and infrastructure, education, access to affordable health care as some of the highlights of his tenure.

He has now urged the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to conduct a peaceful, free and fair election saying election results should be released in a timely manner to avoid anxiety and conflict.

President Kenyatta said the next government must also work together with County Governments to improve governance saying corruption in the Counties has prevented residents from benefiting from resources allocated to the devolved units.

And in a light touch, he said the only thing he will miss from Statehouse is maybe the people he worked with, but said he knows he will be meeting them in other platforms in the country.

“I am not going away; I am just changing my residence and my job designation.To those I may have wronged I seek your forgiveness but I urge you to remember the good things I may have done for you not the bad ones,” He said.





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