President Uhuru tells opposition to compete on policies not violence


President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on opposition to rise above retrogressive political activities that do not translate into alternative policies to compete with the government.

He said empty rhetoric and violent activities will in no way help build a strong nation but rather derail government efforts of uniting Kenyans for a cohesive society.

President Kenyatta called on all leaders in the country to carefully weigh their words and deeds and shun activities that may cause disharmony among Kenyans.

“I have no problem with having opposition but I want to caution them to avoid sending wrong messages to wananchi through their actions. I don’t want divisive politics and name calling but rather constructive criticism,” said President Kenyatta.

The President pointed out that the Government will not allow inflammatory utterances that incite Kenyans against each other because of politics but would continue its efforts of uniting all Kenyans for tangible development in the country.

“When we were campaigning with ‘my brother Ruto’ we promised to unite Kenyans and bring peace. We pledged that never again will Kenyans fight each other because of politics and we are on cause,” said the President.

President Kenyatta was speaking during a funds drive in aid of construction of a multipurpose hall for the Mother of Mercy Girls Secondary School in Lare, Njoro constituency, Nakuru County.

The President urged Njoro residents to continue fostering peace and tranquility for them to achieve their aspirations of better living standards.

“You people of Njoro know and understand better the side effects of violence,” said the President.

On his way to the school, the President made stop overs in Njoro town and Deffo trading centre to acknowledge greetings from wananchi who had lined up on the roadside.

The President commended Nakuru County leaders who have agreed on the upgrading of Njoro airstrip to international standards.

He said with the upgrading of the airstrip, the area will now be opened to new development projects and urged wananchi to take advantage of the new projects.

The President also said the national government will improve the road infrastructure within Njoro and the larger Nakuru County.

President Kenyatta pointed out that his Government will continue improving and expanding education facilities in the country to ensure 100% transition from primary to secondary school level.

He said county governments and members of parliament should partner with the national government to ensure existing secondary schools are expanded and new ones constructed to carter for those finishing primary education.

“Having a child of 11 to 13 years without any skill is building a country of criminals. We must continue emphasizing on quality education for all,” said the President.

Adding,” The fundraising we are holding today is like savings for a better future of the country.”

He challenged students to work hard even as parents and their schools administrations continue to provide them with basic facilities.

The President at the same time called on the youth to stop indulging in alcohol saying the government is determined to completely wipe out the menace.

He said he will at no time accept to have the lives of young people wasted by few individuals who are out to ruin the productive generation of Kenyans.

“Chiefs and other law enforcement officers must ensure no alcohol is brewed and sold in their localities. If the vice continues in your locality then we will replace you with others who are ready to implement my directive,” said President Kenyatta

Local leaders led by Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and Njoro MP Joseph Kiuna commended President Kenyatta for displaying magnanimity  during his state of the nation address in parliament on Thursday.

They condemned members of parliament who they said were displaying ignorance by trying to disrupt the Head of State.

Governor Mbugua said the County Government will distribute drugs to the school clinic which also serves the locals apart from rehabilitating the road leading to the school and refurbishing the borehole.

Mother of Mercy Girls Secondary School which carters for students from poor families is sponsored by Sister Ruth Wangui.




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