President Xi urges the international community to offer necessary support to developing countries

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on the international community to channel their support to developing countries especially now and in the period post-covid-19.

According to the Chinese leader, the global community must ensure their legitimate development rights, while promoting equal rights and equal opportunities.

Addressing the World Economic Forum, Xi said containing the coronavirus is the most pressing task for the international community.

“It is important to scale up cooperation in vaccine development, production, and distribution, and make it truly accessible and affordable to people across the world,” Xi stressed

He noted that China has provided assistance to over 150 countries and 13 international organizations, sent 36 medical teams to countries in need, and worked closely with dozens of countries on COVID-19 vaccines.

“China will continue to share its experience, assist less-prepared countries and regions, and improve the accessibility and affordability of COVID-19 vaccines in developing countries,” Xi said.

Earlier this month, experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) said the world’s poorest countries can expect to start receiving their first COVID-19 vaccine doses between the end of January and mid-February.

During his address, the Chinese President also pledged that China will continue to take an active part in global cooperation on COVID-19, including sharing information, helping countries and regions less prepared for the pandemic and working for greater accessibility and affordability of COVID vaccines.

He said China will also contribute to the global economic recovery by further implementing a win-win strategy of opening-up.

“We hope these efforts will bring more cooperation opportunities to other countries and give further impetus to global economic recovery and growth,” Xi said.

In the speech, Xi further stressed that upholding multilateralism is the right way out of problems faced by the world. He urged countries to work together and address international issues through dialogue and warned against sowing division and isolation.

“We cannot tackle common challenges in a divided world, and confrontation will lead us to a dead end.” He added

His remarks highlighted the current crisis faced by the world, which is facing an unprecedented public health crisis that has infected 99.2 million people worldwide, killed 2.13 million and plunged the global economy into deep recession.

Xi mounted a staunch defense of inclusive multilateralism based on mutual respect and equality, that transcends ideological and political differences, vowing that China will play a more active role in promoting open, inclusive and balanced economic globalization.

“Multilateralism is about having international affairs addressed through consultation and the future of the world decided by everyone working together,” Xi said,

He pledged that China would take a more active role in pushing for “economic globalization that is more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all.”


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