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Primary healthcare: The role of Community Health Promoters

The CHPs have been touted as the engines of the Universal Health Coverage rollout.

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The government has enlisted 100,000 community health promoters who will deliver primary health care to Kenyans.

President William Ruto has committed to prioritize preventive healthcare anchored on community health workers, NHIF reform, and the provision of medical supplies and equipment to deliver Universal Health Care.

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The workers who will be deployed across the country during the launch of UHC programme slated for Mashujaa day (October 20) will be issued with essential tools for household screening to ensure that they carry out their responsibilities adequately.

But what will be their role?

(a) Sensitize  the community on the importance of healthy lifestyles and quality health services and;

(b) Provide community disease surveillance by reporting early signs of imminent health disasters or emergencies;

(c) Enroll and monitor the health status of members of the households assigned to the community health promoter;

(d) Keep and maintain a record of members in all households assigned to the community health promoter;

(e) Monitor the rehabilitation and integration of persons who require such services in the community;

f)Render first aid services to an assigned household and where necessary, make referrals to the link facility;

(g) Provide support to the assigned household on quality family-based care and support for a patient;

h) Submit a report at such intervals as shall be determined by the county director of health, on the health of each member of an assigned household and the barriers to health and health care in the household to the community health officer;

I) Collect information on the health status of the assigned households;

j) Report incidences of side effects of drugs

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