Prolific commentator Jack Oyoo is a living legend

Jack Oyoo Sylvester is a legendary football commentator

Being a sports commentator is more of a naturally born talent than a developed skill; you either have it or you don’t. Back in the day before TV screens were a major thing in the country, fans of the beloved football sport relied on the radio to keep up with the matches. Jack Oyoo was one of the first football commentator in the country.

Jack began as a Swahili language teacher at a secondary school in Siaya. Even then Kaka Jos as he is known by many, had a love for football and even played for a local team, Bonde FC. He was the local sports correspondent for VOK and would regularly send sports updates to the national broadcaster. In 1987 during the All Africa games, there was a dire need of sports correspondents so Jack was called up to VOK to assist with reporting. He did such a fantastic job that even after he returned to his teaching job, he got recalled to Nairobi and offered a job as a commentator.

How did Jack become so good at the Swahili language? He spent his first 15 years of his life in Tanzania so maybe he picked it up from there. In actuality, he struggled a lot with the English language growing up and even had to go back a couple of classes in school so that he could keep up. He prides himself in never having to apply for a job, and that his talent and mastery of Swahili paved the way for every opportunity he has gotten.

Other than his position at KBC, Jack has ensured that he’s helped many other Kenyan youths become football stars and commentators. He is also a published author, a teacher, a mentor and a barber. He is Jack of all trades.


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