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PS Muthoni urges doctors to accept the government’s offer 

PS Mary Muthoni.

Principal Secretary public Health Mary Muthoni has called on the striking doctors to accept the government’s offer as the Health Ministry pushes to find a lasting solution for the ongoing healthcare challenges in the country.

The government says it cannot meet the doctors’ demands due to financial constraints.

Speaking in Thika after attending a church service Muthoni also emphasized on the need to digitize health services to help streamline the healthcare delivery in Kenya.

On Sunday, President William Ruto told doctors to understand that there is a limit to what the government can spend on their salaries and allowances.

Saying the government values the work doctors and interns play in the health sector, the President pointed out that the country cannot continue to live beyond its means.

“The resources we have are only sufficient to pay Ksh 70,000 for intern doctors. This is not a salary; it is a stipend for only one year. Afterwards, they will be employed,” he said.

The President explained that the government has the funds needed to absorb all the 1,500 doctor interns at Ksh 70,000 a month.

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