Pursepective and four other podcasts you should listen to

Perhaps you’ve heard, pursepective is the new podcast on the block and four more that need to be on your playlist


What you need to know about “Pursepective”

  1. “Pursepective” is a podcast series created and hosted by former radio personality Adelle Onyango. Adelle has always been vocal about issues concerning youth empowerment, mental health and gender equality and this podcast offers a platform for discussions about some of those issues and more.
  2. Similar to the Adelle Onyango Initiative, “Pursepective” is aimed at shedding a light on subjects such as gender equality, women empowerment and inclusion.
  3. Each episode comprises of a group of panellists who will tackle ways in which we can achieve a more equitable society.
  4. Adelle has described “Pursepective” as a safe space for women to talk about their experiences with reference to gender equality while living in a patriarchal society.
  5. The podcast is not just for women, men are also invited to objectively respond to various issues raised during the discussions.
  6. “Pursepective” premiered late last month with a 2-hour live viewing at the K1 Klub House.
  7. The panellists for the premiere of the podcast included Scheaffer Okore – Afro-Politico Feminist, Valerie Lwile – Media Director at WPP ScanGroup, Marcus Olang – Founder of Courage Stories, Mariga Thoithi – Project communications and campaigns.
  8. The first episode and live screening covered various topics from femicide to victim blaming/or shaming.
  9. The first viewing featured a 60-minute panel discussion followed by a 60-minute Q&A session. Which you can watch here.

If podcasts that cover a diverse range of subjects are your thing, you should add these four podcasts to your playlist.

Otherwise? by Brenda Wambui


Interested in current affairs and everything that’s happening in Kenya? Otherwise? Has got you covered.

Description: A weekly show that explores Kenyan current affairs issues as chosen by you.

The Spread by Kaz Lucas


There’s no point in beating around the bush (pun intended) with this one, this podcast is about sex and everything it entails.

Description: A sex-positive podcast



Although there’s no specific timeline to how they post their episodes they’re worth checking out. They take on everything from pop culture, food, film, TV and so on.

Description: Omenerds are the wry voices you need to help you laugh and maybe make a little sense of it all. Join us and our dope guests as we break down the travails of being young & Kenyan and hopeful despite it all.

Future Lab/ Africa by Jepchumba


Are you a Science geek with a creative streak? Here’s your next podcast playlist.

Description: This podcast series hopes to breed curiosity by inviting you to use your imagination and think creatively with reckless abandon. The show is a call to explore African modes of science and technology outside of lab spaces and innovation labs.


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