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Put Kenya first, Archbishop Ole Sapit appeals to mediation team

Anglican Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit has called on leaders spearheading ongoing negotiations between the ruling party and the opposition to put their political interests on the back seat for the interest of the country.

He appealed to the 10-member mediation team to drop the hardline stance witnessed over the last few weeks and ensure the dialogue that has since kicked off in Nairobi is successful. And the only way to see this through is if leaders involved give primacy to the interests of Kenyans.

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“The talks that have began are encouraging because as they sit to negotiate, the country becomes peaceful, and we urge them to stop putting roadblocks to the talks and threatening one another as they will not go far,” Sapit said

The archbishop, who addressed journalists after presiding over the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of an office for the Langobaya Anglican Parish Vicar, said that in any talks, there are differing opinions, but urged them to strike a common ground for the sake of the country.

“We appeal that the talks should not focus on leaders but that they be centered on the comfort of Kenyans; issues that will help uplift the lives of the destitute,” the cleric said

He challenged the Kimani Ichung’wa-Kalonzo Musyoka team to stop grandstanding and purpose to realize the mandate bestowed upon the group on behalf of all citizens.

“You can never address problems facing Kenyans through intimidation and chest-thumbing or trying to demonstrate who wields power over the other. This can only happen through dialogue,” ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit

Sapit added; “Start talking to each other, because it is only through such talks that Kenyans can have hope, he said adding, That is why we are telling the government and the opposition that Kenya does not belong to them alone but to all Kenyans, big and small.

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