Raila: I will transform Kenya completely in five years

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is promising to implement a transformative plan that will turn around the economic fortunes of the country for the benefit of all Kenyans in just under five years.

The ODM leader disclosed that he will prioritize acceleration of Kenya’s industrialization agenda terming it a good foundation for economic development.

Raila, who was speaking during an event organized to celebrate his 77th birthday at the Bomas on Kenya, described the upcoming general elections as a defining moment for the country. He asked Kenyans from all walks of life to embrace and support his bid for the presidency in order to do this.

“On that day (August 9 2022), we are laying the foundation of transformation of this country. In five year’s time I can promise you a different Kenya.” a buoyant Raila told an ecstatic gathering

“Wherever you go, go with a message that the 9th of August this year is a day for transformation of this country,” added the former PM

Raila expressed confidence that, given a chance, he will lead the country to its third liberation – economic liberation of Kenya. And he promises to put young people at the center of it.

According to the ODM leader, it is possible to industrialize Kenya within a short time. He noted that he will bank on his vast experience in politics to bring this to fruition.

“I have the experience. I have travelled around the world. Right now I am the high representative of the African union on issues of infrastructure. “It is possible. We can transform this country and make it an industrialized country. We can do it. I know it. I lived in Germany for many years.”

“I understand the whole of Africa. I have visited Asia and South America. I have also travelled all over Europe. That’s why I am telling you it is possible. I know what I am talking about.” He said

He reiterated that it is possible to change the country for the better but quickly pointed out that Kenyans must change the way things are done.

“We must change the way we approach the development of our country. That’s why I came up with a ten point agenda. I am talking about Inua Jamii, Pesa Mfukoni, BabaCare, Kazi Kwa Wote, Uchumi Kwa Akina Mama, Waste not a Single Child, Education is a non-negotiable, Fukuza Njaa, Maji Kwa Kila Boma, One County, One Product, and the Principle of Administrative Continuity,” stated Raila

He gave the example of South Korea, whose economy, he says, was at par with that of Kenya in 1963, when the country attained independence.  58 years later, the ex-PM says the South Korean economy is 45 times bigger than that of Kenya.

“When I was the Minister of Roads, I went there to look for assistance and they gave us 50 million dollars to purchase road construction equipment which I took to all the districts. This equipment was manufactured in South Korea. Yet we still can’t manufacture anything. We have been talking a lot.” He charged

According to Raila, Kenya is strategically situated in the east and coast of Africa. He says there are so many other countries in the hinterland that can provide a big market where goods manufactured in Kenya can be supplied.

“We already had conceived vision 2030 with former president Mwai Kibaki. So we know where we have come from, where we are and where we want to go. We only need the willpower to implement the vision 2030 and we can implement these things and take Kenya to a middle income status by 2030.”

“China was able to move 300 million people from poverty to middle income status. China now has got the biggest middle income in the whole world. 300 billionaires in China just in 30 years time,” he said


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