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Raila Odinga calls off Kamukunji rally

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga has suspended the planned anti-government rally which was scheduled to take place at the Kamukunji grounds in Nairobi.

Through a statement, Odinga said that the strategic decision was arrived at after they received intelligence that armed goons would attack peaceful attendees in their Kamkunji rally.

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In addition, the premier alleged that the goons had express orders to shoot directly into the crowed while enjoying police protection.

“Early this morning, our crew who had been sent to set up the stage at Kamukunji were attacked and their equipment damaged,” he said.

While cancelling the protests, Odinga said that the people had already made their point.

“In order to protect our people and avert more injury and loss of lives, we have taken the strategic decision not to proceed with the rally at Kamkunji this afternoon. In any case, the people have made the point.”

Odinga insisted the Azimio protests have always been peaceful, but have been accompanied by injuries and possibly deaths because of police involvement.

Citing recent instances he mingled with Kenyans, Odinga said that on Monday, he was able to get into the Nairobi CBD where he addressed the people thereafter dispersed peacefully without any injuries or deaths.

“This was because police did not try to break up the meeting. All our engagements are peaceful until the police show up,” he added.

Odinga went on to assert that they will not relent in their fight against the government, calling on President William Ruto to give an ear to their demands lest the protests remain active.

“We thank Kenyans for taking up our call to fight for ourselves. This struggle is not about Azimio or any other party in particular. It is now about Kenyans refusing to move on until they get a good deal,” he said.

Most businesses were shut down across the nation for the better part of the day as protesters engaged in running battles with anti-riot police officers.

Police officers were forced to lob teargas canisters at protesters in a bid to disperse the rowdy crowds.



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