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Raila promises to advance peace, prosperity of continent if elected AUC boss


Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance Party leader Raila Odinga has outlined his vision for the continent if given a chance to serve as the next Africa Union Commission chairperson.

When he delivered a keynote address at the Oxford African Conference in the United Kingdom on Friday, the former Prime Minister promised to leverage his experience to push for African people’s well-being.

“I aim to advance peace and prosperity in the continent if elected AUC Chair. I have advocated for democracy and human rights in my own native Kenya. l have helped bring calm to several African states that were dancing on the Precipice,” he said

He described Africa as a land of possibilities. He spoke of the need for all in the continent to embrace Afro-optimism, believing in the potential and the promise of the continent, proclaiming that “the future belongs to us.”

As part of his agenda, Odinga told the conference, themed “forging Africa’s future; a journey of resilience and renewal” that he aims tForgingtowards improving the continent’s infrastructure.

“My candidature comes at a pivotal time in the continent’s multi-faceted transitions. I served as African Union Commission Representative for Infrastructure Development. I appreciate Africa’s myriad infrastructural challenges,” he said

He said Africa ought to treat the minds of its young people as a fundamental resource to make the giant leap and guarantee the sustainable development of the continent and her people.

“This is an age where 400 million Africans are on the internet. From Casablanca to Maseru, both urban and rural; connecting, watching, creating, learning, and earning. The great disruptor known as the mobile phone is providing a platform for young Africans to innovate,” he said

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