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Raila says absence from protests occasioned by flu

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has caused anxiety after failing to appear during the ongoing anti-government protests, now says he is recovering from a flu. 

Odinga, who did not disclose his current whereabouts, says he was slightly ill, thereby answering the question on why he has been missing in action since the three-day demonstrations kicked off on Wednesday. 

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“Nilipata homa mbaya sana… Lakini sasa nazidi kupata afueni. Nitakuwa sawa sawa,” he said in a phone interview with NTV.

The Azimio leader refuted concerns that some coalition leaders were hiding, saying his team is focused and leading the demonstrations from different parts of the country. 

He noted that the demos were organised to benefit Kenyans, adding that the Azimio co-principals did not need to be present for them.

“Niko katika maandamano na tunashirikiana pamoja na wenzangu lakini maandamano si ya Baba, Martha au Kalonzo; ni ya Wakenya wote,” he stated.

“Team yote ya Azimio iko sawa na wanaongoza maandamano kutoka maeneo tofauti tofauti. Si lazima waonekane wote kwa barabara.”

Odinga at the same time slammed President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza team accusing them of prejudice in their utterances and constant calls for peace as he vowed to continue with the protests.

The protests which kicked off on Wednesday saw heavy police deployment in most high-risk areas in the country.

The Central Business District was also cordoned off to prevent protesters from accessing the city centre.

However, tension was witnessed in Nairobi’s informal settlements including Mathare and Kibra slums.

The main demands of the opposition outfit include lowering the cost of living and repealing the Finance Act 2023.


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