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Rally Driver Issa Amwari Sets sight on 2024 WRC Safari Rally

Rally driver Issa Amwari works out at Karura Forest on 7th Feb 2024 ahead of the WRC Safari Rally

As excitement for the WRC Safari Rally 2024 grows, rally driver Issa Amwari is trying to get Dennis Mwenda to be his navigator for the upcoming event twice a year.

Amwari has been searching for a navigator who can match his pace and experience since his longtime colleague, Job Njiru, retired in 2022. Amwari highlights Mwendwa’s experience and reiterates his wish to carry on their fruitful collaboration as he muses on the value of an experienced navigator.

“I have to get an experienced navigator who can keep up with my pace. I cannot go and pick someone who started rallying one or two years ago; I need someone with much experience,” said Amwari.

Amwari is keen to overcome the obstacles that kept him from realising his full ability in the last edition and is shooting for a podium finish in his category. Amwari is confident about his chances this year, even though he only finished fourth the previous year because of a puncture in the Sleeping Warrior stage.

“We want to finish well and finish in a good position. Last year, we came in fourth. This time, we want a podium of one, two, or three, but mostly, we want one. We know we are capable. We have the skill and a car that can achieve that.” Amwari declared.

The rally’s return to Easter is especially exciting for Amwari because it’s an emotional ritual. In the same way that he watched his father compete when he was younger, he is anxious for his kids to see him in action.

“Everyone has the opportunity to experience motorsports over Easter. There will be no school. Youngsters are welcome to attend. It’s good because my kids can come watch their dad drive.” Amwari gives an account.

For drivers like Amwari, who thrive on the difficulties presented by shifting conditions, the unpredictable nature of the weather provides an extra degree of excitement.
“The weather changes; you cannot predict what will come into the next stage, making the event more interesting for the drivers,” Amwari says.

This year’s edition of the WRC Safari Rally will be held from the 28th to the 31st of next month in Naivasha.

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